Transurban – A Case for a Senate Inquiry

Secret Deals, Influenced Government, Over $1 Billion in Penalties, Neighbourhoods Destroyed, Environmental Impact, Tens of Thousands Affected and a Plan to Toll All Roads

Michael Fraser and Maddison Johnstone investigate our *favourite* rent seekers, Transurban, by calling for a Senate inquiry into Australias toll road giant. With tollways generating public debate, from East West Link, WestConnex and the unsolicited Western Distributor, we’ll be watching this development with great interest.

The Scandal: Transurban – A Case for a Senate Inquiry

Suicide is a word that appears all too often when speaking with toll road users.

Australian motorists have over $1 billion in outstanding toll penalties. Victorians alone owe $687 Million, which is 2.7 times that of road safety camera infringement (speed, red light and unregistered vehicles) offences combined.

When, in just over 12 months, our advocacy office received thousands of toll road complaints through our website and hundreds of calls, we knew there was a serious problem. Upset, angry and confused motorists from all walks of life were having problems with toll road operator Transurban. Continue Reading…

Submission on the establishment of a National Integrity Commission

In April 2016, WestCONnex Action Group joined forces with Victoria’s Yarra Campaign for Action on Transport and WA’s Rethink the Link to make a submission to the Senate Committee on the establishment of a National Integrity Commission. We supported it on the basis that a federal anti-corruption body would be well-placed to investigate issues related to WestCONnex, the East West Link and Perth Freight Link. This was our joint cover letter. Continue Reading…

Community Consultation on IBAC, Victorian Ombudsman & Auditor-General

Community tunnel picket and friends at the Regent Theatre, 28 August 2014

Community tunnel picket and friends at the Regent Theatre, 28 August 2014

Are you appalled by our democractic processes being steadily undermined by vested interests? Do you remain crapped off by the disgusting East West Link “side letter” and those contracts hastily drafted before the November 2014 state election? Do you remember that Abbott all but approved East West Link back in 2012 before he even stepped foot inside the PM’s office?

Why not utilise this consultation as a platform to get your opinions known – and if you want – we’ll publish your submission on the YCAT site. Continue Reading…

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