East West Link business case finally made public

Here’s the complete list of East West Link files, just in time for lazy summer days reading stuff on the beach. (or not)

Premier of Victoria The Hon. Daniel Andrews MP: East West Link Files (Monday 15 December 2014)

Earlier version of the East West Link business case leaked by the Herald Sun (please note, pdf is 16M)

That pdf is also hosted on YCAT  just in case the HS link breaks or falls over. From my quick speed read, it appears even more convoluted than the CIS, if that was possible.

Commentary and analysis so far:

The Age: Analysis: Why the East West Link proved such a hard sell. Josh Gordon (15 December 2014)

The former government clearly went to extraordinary lengths to make the East West Link appear as though it stacked up. Using the most basic methodology preferred by Infrastructure Australia, the project was assessed as having a benefit-cost ratio of just 0.45 in March 2013. In other words, it was a dog: according to the government’s own numbers, the project involved a loss-making return of just 45 cents for every $1 spent.

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Victorian state election 2014: Industry gets behind East West Link

Herald Sun: Victorian state election 2014: Industry gets behind East West Link. Paul Gilder. 26 November 2014

Industry groups say the East West Link project is needed to reinvigorate the economy.

Victoria’s transport and industry leaders have urged the winner of Saturday’s state election to commit to the controversial $6.8 billion East West Link project.The resultant easing of traffic congestion and job creation in the construction phase will provide a crucial confidence boost to businesses — many of which say they are still weighing up whether to invest in new workers or expansion plans.

It comes as government sources ­reveal the state would have to pay $1.1 billion in compensation to the project’s builders if it backed out.

With construction slated to begin this year, the Napthine Government is billing East West as an essential alternative to using the Monash, CityLink and West Gate freeways to traverse Melbourne.

Labor leader Daniel Andrews has vowed to ditch the project should he become premier, making it a political football heading into Saturday’s poll. Continue Reading…

A Referendum on Melbourne’s future

A Referendum on Melbourne’s future By Andrew Herington

The Prime Minister has sealed the fate of the controversial East West Link. When Tony Abbott declared the November 29th Victorian election to be a referendum on the project, he gave the winner a mandate – that most precious of things in politics.

If Labor wins, the project is dead. Daniel Andrews’s recent answers have been emphatic. If the Liberals win, it will have the political legitimacy that it has so far lacked. The final hurdle for the project would be whether the planning approval survives each of the three Supreme Court challenges currently underway.

Lend Lease and its consortium partners would still face protracted and well organised community resistance. In the early months, this would focus on sit-ins to prevent the excavation of a huge cutting in the central part of Royal Park – the largest hole ever proposed to be dug in Melbourne.

Denis Napthine has misread the public mood and put all his eggs in one basket, making the tollway the cornerstone of his Government whilst Daniel Andrews has staked his reputation on reversing the hastily signed contracts. The tollroad may turn out to be a very large political hole. Continue Reading…

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