WestConnex work puts public at risk in St Peters

When you believe you’re seen enough rank stupidity, here’s an amazingly idiotic example of rank stupidity courtesy of WestConnex which places the public at risk in Sydney.

Government spin on East West Link hides inconvenient facts

GreenLeft Weekly: Government spin on East West Link hides inconvenient facts. Saturday, November 1, 2014 By Narendra Mohan Kommalapati

The authority responsible for managing the East West Link has sent residents in inner-city Melbourne an eight-page brochure extolling the virtues of the new motorway.

The newsletter says that work is set to commence on the project to build 4.4 kilometre twin tunnels between the Eastern Freeway and City Link in Moonee Valley. It would create about 3700 jobs, including 150 for automotive workers facing unemployment from the closure of Ford, General Motors and Toyota plants in Melbourne and Geelong.

Nowhere does the newsletter mention the estimated $14-18 billion cost of the project; or the fact that the government has resisted efforts to release the business case for the plan; or that the project will bury the much-demanded Doncaster train link to the city.

It is clear the real aim of the “newsletter” is to intimidate and hoodwink opponents. Nowhere does it acknowledge the widespread and strong community opposition to the tunnel, the fears of smokestacks near schools and early childhood centres, the loss of green spaces in Moreland and Royal Park, nor the impact of noise levels from road overpasses on residents of housing estates in Moonee Valley. (More in link)

Counselling is all road authority can offer Parkville residents affected by tollway

The Age: Counselling is all road authority can offer Parkville residents affected by tollway. October 30, 2014. Clay Lucas, Aisha Dow

Olivia Smith’s townhouse will soon face out onto three East West Link flyover freeways and she has not been offered any financial compensation.

When Parkville resident Olivia Smith learnt that, just outside her back door, a new freeway overpass would be built, she was so upset she rang the government agency responsible for it.

The Linking Melbourne Authority immediately offered her counselling, Ms Smith said.

Olivia Smith, whose outdoor space will soon face on to East West Link. Photo: Jason South

But Ms Smith and architect partner Michael will not be offered voluntary acquisition.

It is despite their apartment sitting near 175 units where owners were offered voluntary acquisition as part of the $6.8 billion plan to join the Eastern Freeway to CityLink in Parkville and Flemington. Continue Reading…

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