Why set up EWL panel?

The Age – Letters: Why set up EWL panel? 3 October 2014

You have to wonder why the Napthine government wasted money setting up an advisory panel when it had no intention of heeding any of its recommendations (”East West Link means game over for playground”, 2/10). The ”final” design announced this week contained elements that have never been aired, much less evaluated for impact – the on-ramp at Brunswick Road, for example. Previous revisions and additions are also unevaluated. Why didn’t the government save us all a lot of money, time and effort and just tell us from the outset it was going to ignore community opposition, expert advice and environmental and financial concerns, and do what it feel it needed to do to be re-elected. Clearly for Napthine et al, the end justifies any means.

Bernadette O’Connor, Moonee Ponds

Why won’t the government kill the Hoddle St Flyover?

Clearly, the minister is badly informed about what evidence was actually exhibited to the panel.

Why did the minister overrule the assessment committee?

The Victorian Planning Minister, Matthew Guy, was given advice by his own panel that the Hoddle Street Flyover should be deleted from the project. Despite this, the minister is pressing on with this destructive infrastructure. Why didn’t he accept the advice of his own advisory panel?   To press ahead against the advice when the project (and the government) is already suffering a legitimacy problem would suggest there are some very strong drivers pushing for the flyover. Yet the Linking Melbourne Authority was unable to convince the Assessment Panel that the flyover was even necessary.  So what could the drivers be? First we can look at reasons the Minister’s gave for disregarding the advice. The stated reasons for decision covers the flyover at Section 45.

I have rejected the Committee’s finding that the option for a flyover at the eastern end of the Project would be unacceptable for the following reasons: (a) The Project is of such significance to the State, and this interchange so critical to the design, that it is necessary and desirable that the eastern portal and access be resolved sooner rather than later and with this approval.

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East West Link: A ‘Fast Track’ To A Flawed Process

New Matilda: East West Link: A ‘Fast Track’ To A Flawed Process. Nicola Rivers

A Victorian Government decision to fast track the approval of a major new Melbourne road has shredded the rule book on community consultation. Environmental lawyer Nicola Rivers explains.

Well that was quick. Hearings to assess the impacts of the eastern section of the East West link finished in April and the final project has already been approved.

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