Building more roads is not 21st century thinking

Sydney Morning Herald: Building more roads is not 21st century thinking January 12, 2015 Jacob Saulwick Transport Reporter

The trend is clear and it’s been that way for a while. The question is what, if anything, to do about it?

Every year the average person in big cities, including Sydney and Melbourne, drives less than they used to the year before.

In Melbourne, the average person drives about 6 per cent less than they did a decade ago.

And Sydney residents in 2013 drove an average 2.4 per cent fewer kilometres than they did in 2003, according to figures derived from a Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics report released just before Christmas.

There are a number of explanations for the trend, many of them overlapping. But one convincing account comes in the theory of the travel-time budget.

In numerous studies, international academics have demonstrated that there is a certain amount of time people are willing to spend travelling each day. That is their travel-time budget. Continue Reading…

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