City of Yarra – Trains not tolls

From City of Yarra – Trains not tolls

Yarra Council is helping lead a community campaign against the State Government’s proposed east-west road.

The campaign will call for government investment in trains not tollways.

Council and community members are concerned because the east-west road threatens Yarra’s liveability. The road would encourage more commuters from the eastern suburbs to drive through our city, adding traffic and pollution to local streets.

In May 2012, the State Government allocated $15 million over two years for planning works for the road. In the same month, the government began test drilling in Alexandra Parade for the project.

Here is a media release issued by Council following the government’s $15 million funding announcement.

Here is more background information about the east-west proposal.

Upcoming community campaign

Council has formed a community steering committee to run a public transport advocacy campaign. Council has allocated $100,000 in its budget to fund the campaign.

Council believes that investment in public transport is the best fix for traffic congestion as experience has shown that providing more roads only encourages more people to use cars.

The campaign will support the creation of a new train line between Doncaster and Melbourne’s central business district. Here is more information about the Doncaster Rail Project.

The steering committee includes Yarra councillors Cr Alison Clarke, Cr Jackie Fristacky and Cr Stephen Jolly, local residents and representatives from the Public Transport Users Association, Bicycle Network Victoria, Victoria Walks, Yarra Climate Action Now (YCAN) and Yarra Campaign for Action on Transport (YCAT).

Here are links to the websites of committee members:

Yarra Campaign for Action on Transport (YCAT) website
Yarra Climate Action Now (YCAN) website
Victoria Walks website
Bicycle Network Victoria website
Public Transport Users Association website

 Background information

The east-west road was originally proposed by Rod Eddington in a State Government-commissioned report released in 2008. More information about the Eddington Report is available on this State Government website.

Yarra Council strongly opposed the 18-kilometre road tunnel proposed in the Eddington Report.

Here is pdf format Yarra Council’s submission to the Eddington Report (1.38 MB) and pdf format Appendix One: An analysis of Melbourne’s transport patterns and trends (2.06 MB)

In late 2008, the then Brumby State Government abandoned the east-west road proposal. However, the Baillieu State Government has revived the proposal.

Further information
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