Day 1 – Public Hearings – East West Link (Eastern Section) Project Assessment Committee: Monday 3rd March 2014

This post includes:

  1. East West Link blog updates
  2. Scribd: Community Groups Opening Presentation (East West Link Panel Hearings)
  3. Mainstream media and live-tweeting from EWL Public Hearings

1. Preview of Week One

The work of the Assessment Committee starts in earnest on Monday 3 March with opening statements from all the key parties. A joint statement from the Community groups will be delivered by Tom Pikusa at 4:15pm.

Day 1: The contest begins with opening statements by Andrew Herington

Today saw the opening of the 30 days of hearings. The Linking Melbourne Authority (LMA) had an hour to present its case followed by responses from the four councils and a strong presentation on behalf of the community groups. A number of procedural issues were resolved but the assessment committee chose to hold back on deciding any of the major legal disputes that various parties have raised.

2. Community Groups Opening Presentation East West Link Panel Hearings by Cara Residents