Deadline for Submissions to Infrastructure Australia Opposing Road Tunnels and supporting Sustainable Public Transport and Rail Freight closes tomorrow

From Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc.

Dear Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. (PPL VIC) members and friends


Urgent Reminder  – Submission to PM’s Infrastructure Australia Committee by 15 October 2008.

A joint media release of 7 October 2008 from Mr. Anthony Albanese MP Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport. Regional Development, and Local Government and Kevin Rudd PM re the PM’s $20 billion nation building fund.

Reference also to our previous message re the opportunity to make a submission to Infrastructure Australia.  We quoted an article in the Canberra Times of 1/09/08 entitled “Opposition tax tactics ‘to hurt’ $20b fund” by Kate Hannon.  It said:

“Mr. Albanese (i.e. Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Local and Regional Development)  and the chairman of Infrastructure Australia, Sir Rod Eddington, called yesterday for ideas from the public and business community for national building projects. Mr. Albanese said they would take submissions up to October 15 for ideas for projects on roads, railways, ports, water and energy utilities and telecommunications for possible inclusion on the National Infrastructure Priority List.

”I urge the community to take this opportunity to have their say. After all, the quality of the nation’s infrastructure affects the bottom line of all businesses and the quality of life of all citizens,” he said. ”We are asking people to look beyond their own street or neighbourhood and to put forward ideas and suggestions that will strengthen the national economy.”

Sir Rod said he would issue a discussion paper today to stimulate ideas. Infrastructure Australia’s immediate tasks were to conduct an audit of the nation’s transport, energy, communications and water infrastructure, produce a priority list and develop guidelines for public private partnerships. (My bold print) It is not known after the recent meltdown of financial markets whether private public partnerships will be under consideration.

The link to the relevant section of Infrastructure Australia’s website is:

PPL VIC intends to make a submission calling on the Federal Government not to fund road tunnels but to subsidise sustainable public transport and rail for commuters and freight.

Julianne Bell
Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc.
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