Emma Birch with Neil Mitchell

3AW: ‘You cant compensate for something that you love so much

Collingwood resident Emma Birch says she is frightened by the prospect of having to relocate from her Bendigo Street home of eight years if the proposed east-west tunnel is given the go-ahead.

“It’s frightening really, I don’t know whether it’s going ahead or it’s not going ahead, you know learning to cope with things is having realistic expectations and I don’t know what to expect,” Ms Birch told Neil Mitchell who held a special broadcast from her front porch on Wednesday morning.

“They talk about compensation, really you can’t compensate for something that you love so much.”

Only last year Ms Birch replaced the weatherboards on her grey workers’ cottage.

“The builder said to me it will last more than your life time.”

But if the planned tunnel is constructed the house will be demolished.