Farewell Daniel Bowen – Thank You

Daniel Bowen will step down from his role at the Public Transport Users Association. Photo: Rebecca Hallas

After almost 10 years in the role, Melbourne’s chief complainer about public transport has finally had enough.

Daniel Bowen is stepping down as president of the Public Transport Users Association, a volunteer role that has made him the city’s most visible advocate for the millions who ride the city’s trains, trams and buses.

He does so in the belief that the standard of public transport in Melbourne is better today than it was when he took on the role, in no small part due to the pressure the association has applied to the state’s politicians and transport operators.

“We’ve had some significant wins,” he says. “All-night services on New Years Eve, more services moving Melbourne towards our ‘every 10 minutes to everywhere’ vision, and recognition from politicians of both sides of the importance of public transport.”

But there’s still room for improvement, he cautions.
September 17, 2012 – 11:26AM

One thought on “Farewell Daniel Bowen – Thank You”

  1. freda says:

    A persistent, innovative Public Transport Advocate – well done!

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