Funding gridlock stops the traffic

ONE truck comes to grief in a head-to-tail accident on Melbourne’s inner city road network and for kilometres in all directions the cross-city traffic grinds to a halt. Not just for a few minutes, mind you, but for hours. Commuters stranded in traffic drum their fingers in disbelief…

The Baillieu government promised it would fix the saturated public transport system, but Victorians are yet to see any commitment from any corner of government that might even begin to fund the enormous change this rapidly growing city requires…

To be clear, what this state does not need is more roads at the expense of expansion of our inadequate public transport service… The Baillieu government has proposed opening a further 6000 hectares of farm and green wedge lands for outer suburban housing. Good planning demands that new public transport networks be built to cater for communities in these areas. If our leaders are committed to population growth, improved productivity and economic prosperity, they must also commit to finding funds to reshape an outgrown transport system and ease congestion…

The Age Editorial, 7 September 2012

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One thought on “Funding gridlock stops the traffic”

  1. freda says:

    Good to see the Age publishing positive articles on the urgent need for increased public transport options and inprovements in Melbourne.

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