Greens Hoddle St Forum, for the Richmond and East Melbourne community

Greens Hoddle St Forum, for the Richmond and East Melbourne community
7.30pm, Thursday 22 April
East Melbourne Library
122 George St, East Melbourne

“The Future of Transport in our neighbourhood hangs in the balance

The state government has announced an “engineering study” into the
congestion on Hoddle Street at significant taxpayers’ expense. With the
Victorain Government recently being exposed on sham consultations, there are
no guarantees that the community will be genuinely involved in decision
making on the future of Hoddle St.

Creating more roads increases smog and congestion. Increasing traffic on
Hoddle Street separates Yarra suburbs further from each other. Do we want
Hoddle Street to become a constantly polluting traffic sewer? Or do we
prefer to return this heritage thoroughfare to its status as a world class

There are many transport options now available and we should choose
carefully for the future of our community.

Come and hear Greens representatives from state and local government discuss
clear, simple, healthy and affordable options and contribute your ideas to
alternatives for transport in inner Melbourne.

Kathleen Maltzahn is the Greens candidate for the State seat of Richmond.
She recently finished time as a councillor for Yarra City, where she was on
the Bicycle Advisory Group and sat on the Planning, Environment and
Infrastructure Committee.

Greg Barber MLC is the Green State Parliamentarian for Northern Metropolitan
Region. He is active on transport issues, devising a comprehensive travel
proposal for Victoria titled “The People Plan”.

Cr Cathy Oke chairs the Future Melbourne (Eco-city) Committee and Future
Melbourne (Connected city) Committee for the City of Melbourne. She also
represents Local Government on the Victorian Roads Based Public Transport
Advisory Council.

Brian Walters SC is the Greens candidate for the State seat of Melbourne. A
prominent Melbourne barrister, Brian is past president of Liberty Victoria
and currently president of Protectors of Public Lands. His book “Slapping
on the Writs” is about the obstacles faced by community groups when
developers try to silence them.

Cr Alison Clarke represents Melba Ward (Richmond) at Yarra City Council.
She chairs Yarra’s Planning, Environment and Infrastructure Committee and
is also Council’s alternate delegate to the Metropolitan Transport Forum.
Alison is a keen cyclist and sustainable transport advocate.

Traffic congestion is at a critical point in Yarra and inner Melbourne.

We cannot build our way out of it.

We have to commit to community friendly alternatives.”

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