Hoddle Street is on the Principle Freight Network

While there has been a lot of talk about giving priority to Buses and Trams on our roads, and Network Operating Plans, that pupport to give priority to pedestians, cyclists and public transport, the Department of Planning, in cohorts with the Deparment of Transport are legislating to give priority to freight on Hoddle Street.

“The Transport Legislation Miscellaneous Amendments Bill 2008 gives the Minister for Roads and Ports powers to declare priority roads for trams, buses, bicycles, pedestrians and freight. So we are not just talking about putting brightly coloured lines on a map. We are talking about road and rail lines where freight will be given the priority it needs to get to its destination.”

– Minister for Roads, Tim Pallas Speech 12th February 2008

Hoddle Street appears on the map of the Metropolitan Principal Freight Network, at figure six, Direction One of Freight Futures.

The Minister for Planning has approved and is now seeking parliamentary ratification of Amendment VC55. Subject to Parliament’s approval of the Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution legislation, it will then come into operation.

VC55 is a major change to the planning scheme, including growth boundaries, but it also incorporates Freight Futures and the Victorian Transport Plan as a reference document in the Melbourne Planning Scheme.

So is it game over for Hoddle Street to be a more people-friendly place?

Well not until the parliament passes the VC55 into law, and Greg Barber MP is calling for a committee to review the bill.

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