Holland Park Alive! 2008

Holland Park Alive! 2008: Saturday, November 22nd, from 4pm until a movie starting at dusk.  Come and celebrate your free space.

Kensington’s residents and friends have been invited to have an active afternoon in Kensington’s own JJ Holland Park, to launch the new 1.1km running and walking track, lovingly nicknamed the ‘KensingTAN’.

The day has been made possible by the combined efforts and contributions of the City of Melbourne, the Kensington Association, the YMCA Kensington Community Centre, the Kensington/Flemington Junior Sports club and countless community organisations and individuals.  (See the THX age for more details).

If you would like to get involved, email us at hollandparkalive@gmail.com

From Save Holland Park: EWLNA impact upon Holland Park in Kensington:

To construct the East West Link car tunnel, Eddington’s report proposes using Royal Park and JJ Holland Park as ‘staging areas’. These are two major points where drilling will commence from, and where piles of dirt etc can be stored when they come out of the shaft, before being transported elsewhere. According to the report, construction is liable to take around 8 years.

Afterwards, there is some contradictions between the engineering report and what officials have said, but it could be that instead of parkland being reinstated, there could be an open cutting with a 6-lane highway where the parks were to “… enhance the driver experience…”