Is this the basis of Premier Naphine’s $8b spend?

Napthine’s news conference on Alexandra Parade

‘‘One only has to stand here on Alexandra Parade and be drowned by the traffic noise, and look at the frustration in the eyes of the drivers, and know that the East West Link will be good for Melbourne and Victoria,’’

Quoted in The Age:

But the traffic modeling doesn’t stack up. With explosive revelations that even VicRoads is trying to dissuade the premier from his mad scheme.

A senior VicRoads traffic modelling manager emailed to his seniors: “I do not want to be sued as part of the class action against VicRoads and it’s officers when and if the East West project fails financially.”

More evidence that the EWL would be a risk for investors and unlikely to survive a legal challenge.

2 thoughts on “Is this the basis of Premier Naphine’s $8b spend?”

  1. Matt says:

    What a disgrace. It’s looking more and more like Yes Minister, “It’s a brave decision Sir….”

    Eight billion dollars of superannuants money and large amounts of our state’s revenues are being gambled with on this giga project and they do not even do us the courtesy of a proper public assessment before rushing to sign us up to this potentially massive liability ahead of the next state election. Now we’re hearing that VicRoads staff are ducking for cover because none of them have any confidence in the modelling that was carried out and many have deep doubts about its optimistic assumptions that their experts are describing privately as “inflated”. This is looking more and more like the tunnel fiascos in Sydney and Brisbane, but on a much grander scale. Frankenstein’s monster has come alive and is now out of control.

  2. Rob says:

    Wait till he sees the whites of their eyes, when they realise what three lanes of East west tunnel will do to Hoddle Street!

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