Just drive and drive and drive and keep driving

For your listening pleasure, here is a mp3 of Neil Mitchells (4 February 2014) reaction on his 3AW program to  media reports of McCrindles research, which analysed transport data compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. (ABC: Two in three Australians drive to work, study of commuting habits finds 3 February 2014)

Getting to Work [Infographic] Over 10 million Australians make their way to work every day, with almost 2 in 3 doing so by private car. McCrindle Research analyses the data to determine how Australian workers commute, comparing movement by workers across the nation’s capitals.

According to Mr Mitchell, it’s all too hard, awkward, difficult and downright impossible to even consider public transport, or indeed, any other options to cars because Melbourne is apparently unique amongst every other capital city in the world. Ok, he doesn’t expressly mention that, but he infers it real hard by repetitively going on and on about building new roads. 

McCrindle - Getting To Work Infographic