Letter to the Editor: Concerned Crowd

Terry Mulder’s comment about the ”rent-a-crowd” at the east-west protest rally is an insult to those who attended (“Reveal costs of projects: Eddington”, 4/9).

Local residents from Collingwood and Fitzroy are fighting to save their homes. Many others are stressed by the fact that there will be no compensation for living next to the construction site or facing a flyover that will decrease the value of their homes and cause noise pollution for several years.

The so-called rent-a-crowd comprised local residents, members of the Collingwood Historical Society, a well-known heritage architect, parents of students from Clifton Hill Primary school, local councillors, Adam Bandt, and many community groups. Mr Mulder needs to check his facts before making ill-informed statements about so many concerned citizens.

Mary Fenelon, Collingwood

Letters o the Editor, The Age, 5 September 2013