Matthew Guy & Daniel Andrews interviewed on East West Link approval process

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1 July 2014: Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy interviewed on 774 ABC Melbourne with Jon Faine about his decision to approve the East West Link (Stage 1). Talkback includes Tom, Kensington resident not satisfied with the acquisition process and his properties close proximity to the project, Chris, Clifton Hill discusses the CIS process, traffic data, Collingwood heritage homes, pollution concerns, Hoddle Street flyover and temporary road impact, Jackie, Kensington resident, still put through roundabout of dealing with “authorities” over property issues, seeks clarification over planning approval, how can residents engage with LMA?

SMS message topics: Parkville West issues in limbo, Take it to a vote, LMA is a government authority, eg: handballing the issue, East West Link not for benefit of Victoria. Back to talkback: Andrew, Collingwood, expresses disappointment with government process, tight timeframe, repetition of mistakes, property issues, circular arguments and cherrypicking of the panels recommendations.

30 June 2014: Sally Cockburn on 3AW with Daniel Andrews and Matthew Guy on East West Link approval process.

2 thoughts on “Matthew Guy & Daniel Andrews interviewed on East West Link approval process”

  1. ItsMeMario says:

    Oh great. The Planning Minister did not listen to the Planning Panel he approved of. he was making excuses to reject findings and now the LMA has the scope to play with people’s lives. The LMA will now say talk to the Planning Minister while the Planning Minister will now say talk to LMA.

    This initial stage 1 $4B project will be a $12B project. You can imagine how Melbourne’s future is looking now. It is run by people with no idea. I imagined that the Planning Minister being in the seat of Bulleen surely understood that there is a badly needed train line in that area. I imagine he expects 12 years olds to drive along the EW Link and pay a toll too.

  2. martin newell says:

    Dear Its me Mario,
    your attack on the planning Minister was completely uncalled for.
    To make fun of a retard is not politically correct.
    It would have been better to say that the Minister does not understand that in the next century we will all travel on public transport.Imported bullet proof Ministerial Cars will be the few cars seen in the City of Melbourne.

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