New ‪East West Link‬ project maps + videos

EWL Project Map_July2013

As mentioned in Melbourne media today, here’s the new ‪East West Link‬ project maps.

Have a look.  Have a damn good look.

2 thoughts on “New ‪East West Link‬ project maps + videos”

  1. chrisg says:

    The massive overpass will turn Hoddle St into the infamous Hoddle Freeway (VicRoads 1970s).
    The trucks will be running all night over Clifton Hill and Abbotsford valley, echoing engine noise even more than now. This will make the hovering traffic helicopter seem benign. The noise will impact on Darling Gardens and everywhere south of Queens Parade. The tunnel does not start until Gold St, with Provans slated to become the vent stack. Note that Alexandra Parade remains a 6 lane highway, reinforcing the fact that this project is only for inducing additional road traffic and will do nothing to improve the Alexandra Parade environment. The most fatal aspect is the complete disregard for public transport. The road lobby has designed a project to stop any chance of a rail link to the Melbourne Uni and hospital precinct and the Metro. In 2013, this thinking does not deserve any support.

  2. karen says:

    the only person who wants this tunnel is fluoro toney, abbot wants a photo op holding a shovel whilst dressed in fluoro. I don’t think the Victorian premier really wants this tunnel, but he is forced to tow the liberal party line

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