pt4me2: “Better Buses Survey” Report Released

Retrieved 9 November from

During September 2012, the pt4me2 conducted an on-line survey  to enable commuters to comment on and log suggestions “to make Melbourne’s bus service better”.  The report has now been published and can be downloaded as a pdf or read on line.

To quote pt4me2 “ the survey was promoted in the media, through social media and via email to our subscribers (and) the Metropolitan Transport Forum (MTF )will be using your answers to argue for better buses across Melbourne”.

The standout suggestions were:

  • More frequent services (that meet up with trams and trains)
  • Start earlier, stop later and run on Sundays
  • Real time bus information (like tram tracker)
  • Services in growth areas
  • More direct routes, faster times between locations
  • More comfortable, better driven

cheers, freda Ycat