Public Meeting: Economics and Public Transport (Friends of Banyule)

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Date:  Thursday 29 March 2012

Venue: The Old Shire Offices, 60 Beverley Road, Heidelberg (Mel Ref 32 D3)

Time:  7:30pm  – 9:00pm

Speaker:Harry Clarke, Professor of Economics at La Trobe University

The topic is Economics and an accessible, sustainable transport system for Melbourne as:

  • Everywhere people are talking about the uncertain state of our transport system.
  • Public transport struggles for new investment, despite peak oil and global warming.
  • Public transport was on its last legs after decades of neglect by the Brumby government.

However, since coming to government in 2010 the Baillieu administration has done little to extend, improve or better co-ordinate the system.  Our guest speaker is Harry Clarke, Professor of Economics at La Trobe University and  Harry will discuss the following:

  • How should the government fund transport?
  • How much should people pay to use the transport system?
  • Which projects should be funded and how should we decide?
  • How much is road and public transport congestion costing us?
  • Given the level of greenhouse gases produced, by roads & freeways, is Melbourne’s transport system paying its way?

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