Rudd rules out tunnel funding

7 News: Rudd rules out tunnel funding – Yahoo!7 July 31, 6:32 pm

The Prime Minister has ruled out funding for the East West Tunnel, drawing the battle lines for both the Federal and State elections, Brendan Donohoe reports.

One thought on “Rudd rules out tunnel funding”

  1. Robert says:

    Great news! I spoke with a former federal politician only a week ago about the need to get Mr Rudd on side so to hear this is brilliant – clearly the result of a long and hard effort by anti East-West campaigners to get the state and federal parties on side. Melbournians are sick and tired of dud toll roads and are not at all keen on this multi-billion dollar underground car park that will suck resources away from every other PT and road project across the state for years to come. We need to get people in suburbs and towns that are not directly affected to understand that fact.

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