South Morang Rail Alliance launches media campaign

From Darren Peters, South Morang Rail Alliance

This week, the South Morang Rail Alliance began its largest media campaign to date and we need your help to ensure the State Government build the Mernda railway extension within the next five years.  This must be included in their November transport Plan for the future livability of the North-Eastern Suburbs.

Current policy (North East Integrated Transport Study 07 by DoT) dictates that an extension to South Morang will be built in 2021 and an extension to Mernda in 2027.  This is a ludicrous situation considering this will leave around 90,000 without railway access in the suburbs of Mill Park, Blossom Park, South Morang, Mernda/Doreen and Whittlesea by 2021 according to City of Whittlesea growth predictions (July 08).

It would be greatly appreciated if you could write your support for this railway extension and also to forward this email to all of your contacts who have an interest in this issue. Thank you for supporting our cause,

Darren Peters, Spokesman, South Morang Rail Alliance
0413 207 539 darrenpeters1980 @