YCAT at July Yarra Council Meeting

Well done to all the YCAT members for turning out on a cold winters night to lobby Yarra Council. Our protest went live to air on Channel 7 TV 6pm news, plus pre-recorded interviews of Keith and Cr Stephen Jolly. The new banner was unfurled for the first time and it looked great.

Inside the meeting after a long wait, John, Freda and Ian all addressed the Council, pushing for a strong stance against the tunnel. Freda also took up the question of red baiting of YCAT, explaining that it is a new, dynamic and fast growing group that has members from many different political views and most members not in a political party.

Council voted 9-0 to oppose the tunnel but an amendment to leave out reference to the rail tunnel proposal was lost 5-4 (with Socialist Party and Greens losing to ALP and independents). Continue Reading…