YCAT at July Yarra Council Meeting

Well done to all the YCAT members for turning out on a cold winters night to lobby Yarra Council. Our protest went live to air on Channel 7 TV 6pm news, plus pre-recorded interviews of Keith and Cr Stephen Jolly. The new banner was unfurled for the first time and it looked great.

Inside the meeting after a long wait, John, Freda and Ian all addressed the Council, pushing for a strong stance against the tunnel. Freda also took up the question of red baiting of YCAT, explaining that it is a new, dynamic and fast growing group that has members from many different political views and most members not in a political party.

Council voted 9-0 to oppose the tunnel but an amendment to leave out reference to the rail tunnel proposal was lost 5-4 (with Socialist Party and Greens losing to ALP and independents).

No-one is necessarily opposed to the rail tunnel but there are way more important public transport projects needed, such as a rail link to Doncaster. Eddington only included this tunnel as a cover for the real agenda of the road tunnel. Cr Stephen Jolly moved an amendment to get Council support for YCAT and also for ‘No Tunnel – Yes to Doncaster Rail Link’ banners outside Fitzroy and Collingwood Town Halls was passed.

Since last night several thousand leaflets have been photocopied for the rally on Sunday week and there will be a Yarra Council staff member outside the Fitzroy Town Hall every Thursday from 6.45pm to let people into YCAT meetings.

If anyone wants to grab leaflets prior to Thursdays YCAT meeting, please call Cr Jolly on 0433 113 421 or email notunnel@gmail.com to arrange pickup.