YCAT Media Release: Community Demands Yarra Council Reject Road Tunnel

Inner Melbourne community, parks and business groups will rally on the steps of Fitzroy Town Hall at 7 pm tonight (Tuesday) for a showdown with Council over Eddington’s East-West Link road tunnels.

Will Yarra Council vote unanimously to oppose the Brumby Government’s proposed extension of the Eastern Freeway in road tunnels under inner city suburbs and through Alexandra Parade, Queens Parade as well as Royal Park and Holland Park? Tonight the full Council will declare its hand.

A large crowd is expected at the Town Hall for the verdict. Will Councillors listen to the
demands of their constituents or kowtow to the State Government and the road lobby?

Chris Goodman, from Yarra Campaign against the Tunnel, explains: “Inner city residents are sick of governments trashing our neighbourhoods for a misguided belief that freeways solve congestion. Everybody knows that public transport is the answer to moving people around an urban metropolis.

Why are we still waiting for a railway to Doncaster after 40 years of broken promises on public transport? The councils who have opposed the tunnel now need to put their hand in their pocket and support the community opposition to more roads. ”

Julianne Bell Secretary of Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. (a coalition of 80 environment, heritage and resident groups) says:

“We are right behind YCAT in their battle to stop invasive road tunnels and advocate for public transport. On/off ramps to the Hoddle Street tunnel entrance will occupy several blocks of Alexandra Parade and Queens Parade and 12 storey vent stacks will mark the tunnel ‘portals’. Steve Bracks’ promise to Victorians in 1999 that ‘We will protect your neighbourhoods’ has apparently been long forgotten. We will be on the Town Hall Steps tonight to say to Yarra City Council and Premier Brumby “No Tunnels.”

7pm, Tuesday 15th July Fitzroy Town Hall – corner Napier St and Condell St Fitzroy.

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