The campaign against Baillieu’s dirty private tollway is heating up

Image: Damien Lawson

From Adam Bandt MP: The campaign against Baillieu’s dirty private tollway is heating up (6 May 2012)

Over 160 people joined me and clean transport advocates at the public meeting in Carlton last Wednesday. Thanks to all of you who showed your support.

If you haven’t heard already, the Baillieu Government allocated $15M in the 2012 state budget for planning, preliminary drilling work and land surveys. They put no new money into the Doncaster train line – despite it being a stated priority.

In next week’s Federal budget, we will find out if the Labor Government is also going to fund the tollway.

There are many gaps in Melbourne’s public transport network that need to be fixed. We need to invest in fast and frequent public transport instead of carving up our suburbs for a dirty private tollway.

Please sign the petition now and send to your friends.

If you hear of any drilling starting in your area, please let my office know. You can call 9642 0922 and tell my staff.

Thanks again for supporting cleaner transport.

Yours sincerely,
Adam Bandt MP
Federal Member for Melbourne
Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens

PS. Thanks also to all of the people who have letterboxed our flier to inform their neighbours about the proposed East-West Link. You can stay in touch with our campaign online here. We will let you know about other actions you can take to keep Melbourne liveable.

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