Trouble up ahead if east meets west?

The Baillieu government is determined to build the east-west road link, and a tunnel, toll road and off-ramps are all in the mix. But can it raise the money to pay for it?  Adam Carey and Tom Arup report.

IT WAS a neat if unintended argument for fixing the chronic congestion that chokes the intersection of Hoddle Street and the Eastern Freeway.

As federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott stood near the Hoddle Street overpass earlier this month and publicly backed the proposed east-west link, a heckler in a passing car leaned out of his window and shouted: ”Put your Speedos on, Tony!”

But the slow-moving traffic suddenly stalled, and instead of making a clean getaway the heckler had to sit and be eyeballed by the assembled media pack…

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  1. freda says:

    An excellent report – even essential reading!

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