Tunnel picket: End of Phase 1

Over the moon my dear, over the moon. We’ve got them on the run

5th March 2014: The Linking Melbourne Authority announced that they have suspended finished East West Link drilling in Melbournes inner suburbs. So what really happened to those last nine sites, eh?

We’d also like to thank the incredible effort by locals since September 2013 who rose at stupid o’ clock every day to put themselves on the line to protect our community. Words fail trying to articulate the combined effort and sheer amount of time that people have freely given to stand up for in this long, intergenerational battle to safeguard our suburbs and advocate for better public transport for Melbourne. If we could shout you all a beer or do your languishing washing up, we would!

Please keep in mind this isn’t the end of community tunnel picket actions, and that several picketers are facing charges for lock-ons etc, so any donations you can give are deeply appreciated.

Also check out our news archive and daily updates on the month-long East West Link Public Hearings, as we’ll collating daily mainstream media & commentary when time permits 😉

The interview linked below from 774 ABC Melbourne is interesting, with the mention of continued watertable test work. Stay vigilant, people!

One thought on “Tunnel picket: End of Phase 1”

  1. Rosie says:

    Wed 5 March: last morning 5.30am meeting of the tunnel picketers, maybe! We’ll just have to meet again! Sometime. Someplace! How’s about a swinging electorate? Keith’s happy in this one. “Over the moon…we’ve got’em on the run!” Good flick, partner!

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