Votezilla: East West Link impact upon 2014 State Election


First up, here’s for a word to two from Tunnel Picket, it has to be said that their actions in 2013 and 2014 seriously placed East West Link into the wider public debate, and front and centre on the 2014 state election agenda >>

The most important thing before choosing to vote

Where my Democracy Sausage? A map of sausage and cake availability on election day.

Also see 2014 Victoria State Election Day Sausage Sizzle and Cake Stall Map – SnagVotes!

How to Vote – here’s a basic guide from VEC

How to vote: State elections – The Legislative Assembly and The Legislative Council


We can’t go past Antony Green’s election commentary and interpretation:

Anthony Green’s Election Blog: 2014 Victorian Election – Summary of Nominations

A record 896 candidates will contest the 2014 Victorian election, an increase from the 711 candidates that contested the 2010 election. For both houses the number of candidates sets a new record. There are 545 candidates contesting the 88 lower house (Legislative Assembly) electorates, up from 502 in 2010 and representing an average of 6.2 candidates per electorate.

Pendulum | Key Seats

Additional state election analysis


VEC: State Election 2014 Candidates | Guide to Candidates | Guide to Seats


Public Transport Users Association: 2014 election scorecard – on transport policies this scores Greens: A, ALP: B and LNP: D.

RACV State Election Report card – who really really want East West Link to be built.

Vote Climate: Victorian election 2014  Climate policy summary: a handy guide as environmental policies are not mutually exclusive to wanting more public transport.

Environment Victoria Scorecard 2014

Party/Candidate Positions on East West Link

What we’ve found so far – if you know of more or have an micro-party or independent candidates position on East West Link please let us know in the comments below.

Late announcement: Tony Abbott has issued his very own how-to-vote letter

Australian Labor Party – Daniel Andrews: Better public transport and local roads or an $8 billion dud tunnel.

Liberal Party:  We ♥ ♥ ♥ East West Link

Victorian Greens: “The Greens will cancel the contracts to build the East-West Tollway and invest in public transport instead

Voice for the West: “Oppose the East-West Link development as a poorly-conceived response to road congestion

Australian Cyclist Party: East West Link

Doug Mann (Geelong, Independent) “Should the $18 billion East-West tunnel be built we can say goodbye to the infrastructure improvements we need and deserve

Palmer United: PUP Backs East West Link tollroad

Peter Allan (Brunswick, Independent): The Major Reasons Why We Need to Stop the East West Tollway

Sean Brocklehurst (Socialist Alliance, Brunswick): Speaker at #Rally4PT on 15 November 2014

Sex Party: Statement on the East-West Link project – Supports EWL Stage 2

The Nationals Victoria Policy reference guide : Build East West Link as part of the Coalition government

Preferences – the devil is in the details

This information is very nerdy but very important, well worth researching where preferences go after voting for your first choice.

ABC Vic Votes: Group Tickets

Group ticket voting works by each group lodging a full ticket of preferences to all candidates on the ballot paper. When a voter selects a party using the group ticket voting square, the vote is deemed to have the full list of preferences lodged by that group.

How-to-vote cards – but how they want you to vote

VEC: State Election 2014 How to vote cards