“We’re waiting for the Doncaster train, not an East-West Tunnel”

Manningham Leader: Flash mob of ‘ghosts’ visit Westfield Doncaster and wait for train as part of Trains Not Tolls campaign (25 November 2013)

Media Release: The Doncaster rail – an ode to inaction – Saturday 23 November 2013

Video from Saturday 23 November 2013 A4tnt Artists for Trains Not Tolls: “We’re waiting for the Doncaster train, not an East-West Tunnel”

Ghosts of Promises Past. Fifteen ghosts from 1888 Melbourne were seen shopping at the Doncaster Shopping Centre this Christmas.

After shopping, they queued and waited for the train, and waited and waited. So polite and quiet these Victorians, so well dressed. “What are they doing?” the watchers whisper to each other. “I think they are waiting for the train,” someone says…and the rumour goes around the shopping centre.

“We’re waiting for the train.”

This four minute film records the event, the crowds, the ghosts, the queues, the newspaper headlines, the looks, the costumes. The crowds loved it. The performers…they were just waiting for the train…

Special thanks to Rose Chong Costumiers.

Manningham is the only Melbourne municipality without a train or tram. Artists For Trains Not Toll Roads show very politely that 125 years of empty politicians’ promises is not good for the eastern suburbs, for Melbourne, for the envionment or the tax payer. We want a Doncaster Rail line, not a tunnel. Public transport for Victorians!

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