Yarra Council backs freeway route for Doncaster Rail


A rail line travelling down the centre of the Eastern Freeway remains Council’s preferred alignment for the rail link from Doncaster.

Named the ‘Rapid Transit alignment’ in a State Government study on the proposal, the new line would start at the Doncaster Road Park and Ride facility and follow the Eastern Freeway to Hoddle Street.

However, Council also identified a number of failings in the phase one study report and made suggestions in its submission on how the proposed rail link could be improved.

Some suggested improvements included amending the alignment so that the rail service could be extended to Doncaster Hill. Council also believes the sequencing of works should be re-examined to allow an earlier construction time for the rail line which is not dependent on the decoupling of the South Morang line.

Council’s full submission is below: Doncaster Rail Study Phase 1 – Submission by Yarra Council (1.13 MB)

Other Melbourne Councils including Manningham, Whitehorse, Boroondarra, Maroondah and Banyule were also expected to make submissions on the phase one study report before the 28 June deadline.

Here is a link to submissions made by Manningham City Council and the City of Boroondarra.

To find out more about the study, including how you can make a submission, visit the Doncaster Rail Study website.

A new rail link connecting Doncaster to inner-Melbourne is a key project for improved pubic transport links across the city, and a central component of Yarra Council’s ‘Trains Not Toll Roads‘ campaign.

Further information. Jane Waldock Manager Strategic Transport & Environment 9205 5733 Jane.Waldock[AT]yarracity.vic.gov.au