YCAT Update – 18 July

We had another good organising meeting last night at the Fitzroy Town Hall and everything is on track for the rally on July 27 and the gig on August 8.

The only jobs that we still need volunteers for are some letter boxing runs in the areas of Clifton Hill and Fitzroy. Apart from that we will be delivering leaflets advertising the rally to the entire north side of Yarra over the next week!

If you are able to letterbox your street or an area in Fitzroy or Clifton Hill please contact Anthony Main on 0417 368 215. We will also be doing 3 stalls in Yarra this week to promote the rally. Please come along to one of these if you can.

  • 12noon – 1pm outside Smith St Safeway Collingwood
  • 11am – 1pm outside the Fitzroy Pool on Alexander Pde.
  • 10am – 12noon outside Piedimonte’s supermarket Nth Fitzroy.

John Cox had this excellent letter published yesterday (17/7) in The Age:

That said, it is somewhat misleading to take support for public transport improvements as an endorsement of the rail tunnel proposal. There are many much higher priorities for building rail lines that would have an immediate effect on services in the outer suburbs. There is no reason why
suburban extensions, such as Doncaster and Rowville, should have to wait for the rail tunnel to be built.

With the effects of climate change and peak oil already being felt, the Government must apply itself to transport solutions that are directly aimed at reducing emissions and car dependency. Spending $10 billion on a road tunnel will entrench us more deeply in the problems we face.

John Cox, Fitzroy