A possible future rail link for Melbourne Airport?

Yesterdays article (Airport Keeps buses at bay, the Age, 27 August 2012) seems to have prompted a rapid response from Melbourne Airport’s media department.

In today’s article “Airport unveils plans for transport hub” (the Age, 28 August 2012) initial plans for the new transport hub are outlined.  While it is possible to critique the concept based on the lack of sustainable transport principles – the long awaited and needed rail link is welcomed.

In addition, such a link strengthens the case for Doncaster Rail, as a priority, as such a rail link could connect with the airport rail.

To quote the airport’s chief executive, Chris Woodruff “The changes, which are only at the concept stage, are designed to alleviate traffic congestion and the current forecourt clash between cars and pedestrians on zebra crossings… the hub will handle passengers using private cars, taxis, SkyBus, public buses, and – if the airport rail link ever gets Victorian government go-ahead – will also include scope for the long-awaited train station…  [The plan] will also include provision for a future rail link which is currently being investigated through the Victorian government’s Melbourne Airport Rail Link Study,” he said”.

To read more go to: http://www.theage.com.au/travel/travel-news/airport-unveils-plans-for-transport-hub-20120827-24wlp.html#ixzz24nwDfjON