Tullamarine traffic takes to skies – Yet another flyover, road and carpark favoured over Public Transport!

An example flyover over a congested road! Retrieved 28 August 2012 from http://dhirendrab.webs.com/2.htm

“MELBOURNE Airport is ramping up its efforts to clear traffic congestion with a raised roadway link to its existing flyover for dropping off passengers.

The elevated road would swoop over the airport’s long-term carpark from Tullamarine Freeway to the drop-off ramp … It is likely to be developed within the next five years as part of a 20-year development master scheme…

The airport is investing more than $1 billion in the next five years on infrastructure, including the terminal, roads and carparks…”

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Neil Wilson, 28 August 2012, Herald Sun

Retrieved 8 August 2012, from: http://m.news.com.au/VIC/pg/0/fi1747365.htm