Add your voice to calls for better public transport – Sign the Petition

You can get onboard a campaign for better public transport in Melbourne by registering your support on the pt4me2 website.

On the website, you can indicate your support for the Doncaster Rail Project (amongst other projects) and provide your suggestions on how Melbourne’s bus services can be improved.

The pt4me2 campaign is run by the Metropolitan Transport Forum, an advocacy group which represents 22 Councils (including Yarra).  The campaign aims to give community members a stronger voice in efforts to improve public transport right across Melbourne.  It seeks a number of outcomes including:

  • Extending public transport to serve more of Melbourne, including growth areas
  • Improving the daily experience of public transport users
  • Secure funding for a metropolitan transport plan that meets the complex challenges of population growth, liveability, rising petrol prices and sustainability.

As well as supporting the pt4me2 campaign, Yarra Council, in association with the council’s The Public Transport Advocacy Campaign Steering Committee Network, of which Ycat is a member, is helping lead a community campaign calling for government funding in “Trains and not Tollroads”

For more information on the pt4me2 campaign, you can contact the campaign’s organisers via the pt4me2 website.