RACV defends the need for the East West Road Link

The September 2012 issue of the RACV magazine contains an article entitled “Sorting out fact from fiction will help the community to understand the best solution to the traffic deadlock in Melbourne’s inner east-west corridor” by Brian Negas.

In this article he addresses, from the road lobby’s perspective, “The arguments around the need, cost and benefits for a better road link across Melbourne’s inner north” and in doing so claims that the link has “attracted a lot of confused and misleading comment” which obviously he is able to clarify.

I think he may be talking about us and that is probably a good sign as it means the community and Yarra Council’s “Trains Not Tollroads Campaign” is having an impact.  It is worth reading as the article clearly articulates the pro-road arguments, with freight not congestion as the priority, thus enabling us to effectively counter each argument collectively and individually.

Each point made applies equally to rail and specifically cost arguments can be easily debunked as the Doncaster Rail is significantly cheaper than the proposed freeway/tollroad/tunnel.

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To read more go to: https://www.racv.com.au/wps/wcm/connect/Internet/auxiliary/news+_+events/royalauto

freda, Ycat