Another glitch on the trouble-plagued CityLink toll roads : Another reason not to build more toll roads

THOUSANDS of motorists have been stung by another glitch on the trouble-plagued CityLink toll roads.

Warning beeps on the toll roads have been prompting customers to top up accounts even when already full.

Channel Seven last night reported that a number of motorists have also been incorrectly fined for not having a fitted e-tag.

CityLink released a statement blaming a communication problem between account computers and overhead gantries along the toll road. ”We ask that customers disregard any beeping they think is incorrect. We apologise to customers for the inconvenience and the confusion,” it said.

The embarrassing glitch comes only a week after the road operator blamed a database error for 7000 interstate drivers being slugged with incorrect $120 fines without ever receiving an invoice.

Both incidents follow a day-long closure of the Burnley Tunnel at the start of the month that caused traffic chaos.

CityLink said it was working to fix the problems.

Benjamin Millar, The Age,