Do Tollroad, Tunnel and Freeway Bus Links Undercut Rail Links – Off the rails?: Uncertainty over Airtrain monopoly

Airtrain has a virtual monopoly on public transport to the airport.

Buses could provide public transport direct to Brisbane Airport after 2014, according to Brisbane City Council (following the opening of the new airport tunnel in 2014) …

The restricted timetable of the Airtrain service, which has a virtual monopoly on public transport to and from the airport, has long been an issue for travellers…

The contract between the state Transport Department and the rail provider is confidential and it appears unclear when the monopoly could be broken, with a spokesman for Transport Minister Scott Emerson saying Airtrain had exclusive rights to service the airport until 2036.

However in April 2011, council told the Productivity Commission that a change in the contract to allow the introduction of buses was possible after 2014.

The issue was raised earlier this week by Brisbane Airport Corporation chief executive Julieanne Alroe, who said public transport was becoming more popular among air travellers.

BAC’s figures showed the share of people using Airtrain increased from around 6 per cent in 2008 to around 8 per cent in 2011, while a further 13 per cent used private mini-buses and coaches.

Airtrain, a private company, runs the rail link from Eagle Junction to the international and domestic terminals. Its confidential contract with the Transport Department to provide rail services runs until 2036.

Tony Moore, the Brisbane Times, October 26, 2012

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