Flemington Road gum tree still standing, but for how long?

Update on continuing action for saving the Lemon-scented Gum at 120 Flemington Road, Parkville

Update on continuing action for saving the Lemon-scented Gum at 120 Flemington Road, Parkville

Please meet 7am, Saturday 2nd July at 120 Flemington Road, Parkville (if not way before), bring food, a cuppa before you head off to vote.

Posters and flyers you can print/distribute to show support for the Lemon-Scented Gum campaign

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  3. Bulletin from Protectors of Public Land Vic Inc. and Royal Park Protection Group

From National Trust of Australia (Victoria) update: Flemington Road gum tree still standing, but for how long?

Last weekend, community action stopped the works on the Flemington Road gum tree after four hours. Only 40% of the canopy has been removed – the tree is healthy and could still survive and regrow. VicRoads have confirmed that they will not announce when the works will recommence – it could be any time.

A community meeting has been convened by locals at the tree at 7am on Saturday 2 July, Election Day. Please consider attending if you have concerns about the tree’s removal.

The article below links to a new Trust Advocate blog update on what happened last Saturday, what happens next, and some ideas about how you can still show your support for this important tree.


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Race to Town Hall

Yarra Race to Town Hall
Does your bus get stuck in traffic? Is there a faster way of getting around town? Are trams in your area too packed to board?

Race to Town Hall is a fun initiative designed for locals to show off the good and the bad of public transport in their neighbourhood.

As well as highlighting important transport issues, Race to Town Hall will help build the movement for better public transport by connecting residents with representatives from their local government. The inaugural race is kicking off August 11 in the City of Yarra.

If you’re from another part of Melbourne and are keen to see a race event in your local area click here.

How does it work?

The race event sees participants trying to get to Richmond Town Hall using some sort of public transport. Once people arrive we will chart how far they travelled and how long it took, awarding first prize to the person with the highest average speed. We will also note how their trip could have been made easier – for example, more frequent local bus services. With participants starting from different parts of the suburb, the event will capture a great deal of information about mobility issues within the Yarra area. The Race will feature a diverse cross-section of Yarra’s population including local residents, community leaders, school children and parents, traders and Councillors.


A3 Race Poster  |  Race Timeline  | Planning Your Route | Welcome Pack

Finally … The End Of The Road

Murphy v East West TollFrom Residents Against The Tunnel (RATs): Finally … The End Of The Road For Murphy v State Government Of Victoria

 It has been a long time, but this Supreme Court Challenge, which began in April 2014, is finally over. The Supreme Court accepted the discontinuation of the case agreed to by both parties on Friday 17 July 2015.

This courageous case was enormously important in the community battle against the deeply flawed East West Link project.

On behalf of Residents Against the Tunnel, and presuming to speak on behalf of all community groups involved, our deepest gratitude goes to Anthony Murphy and his extraordinary, talented and community-minded legal team: Ron Merkel QC, Melinda Richards SC, Julian Burnside AO QC, Simona Gory Barrister, Meghan Fitzgerald, Hollie Golding and all the staff at Fitzroy Legal Services, Paula Shelton and others from Shine Lawyers, and the many other experts, volunteers and community members who helped behind the scenes.

It is a rare and brave thing for a person to take a State Government to court. It is even rarer to win. While the case may not have won in a court of law, it won in the court of public opinion and achieved what it set out to do – expose the flawed business case. Through this case Victorians were made aware of, and became concerned about, the lack of government transparency in spending huge amounts of state funds. This brought the East West Link front of mind in the run up to the election, and played a vital part in the outcome. Continue Reading…

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