Video: Flemington Road’s Lemon-scented Gum

Watch: The Lemon Scented Gum from algarhythm on Vimeo

This short 5 min video shows the chain sawing of the 94 year old Lemon scented gum on Flemington Rd Parkville in Victoria Australia, by VicRoads on June 25 2016, despite it’s heritage, environmental and community value. The tree is listed on the significant trees register maintained by National Trust of Victoria, has had a baby born underneath it in the 1980s and people have written love letters to it. I wanted to show the abundant bird life living in this tree (about half way through) and also document how a healthy tree specimen has been destroyed for extremely spurious reasons. In this era of climate change we should not be allowing trees to be cut down that don’t need to be.

Listen 1: Anna Lanigan speaks to Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle on talkback with Jon Faine, ABC 774, 6th July 2016


Listen 2: A song for Flemington Road’s much-loved Lemon-scented Gum – “Lemon Scented Sanity” by Mary Holdsworth & Patricia Mortensen from the CD “Heart Upon The Shore”

Get involved: join Guardians of the Flemington Road Gum on facebook: meet 7am this Saturday 9th July at the tree (120 Flemington Road, Parkville) for a public meeting

Posters and flyers you can print/distribute to show support for the Lemon-Scented Gum campaign

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Additional information

National Trust of Australia (Victoria) update: Flemington Road gum tree still standing, but for how long?

Petitioning VicRoads Our Lemon-scented Gum is worth saving

East West Link defeat: Anthony Main explains how it was done

22 May 2015: At the book launch of “Beating the big end of town”, author Anthony Main recounts how community pickets and various other protest activities contributed to the defeat of the East-West link toll road project.

SP Educational: Beating the Big End of Town: 2.30pm, The Brunswick Green, Saturday 20th June 2015

The campaign that defeated the East West Toll Road was one of the most significant victories against the big business agenda in Australia for decades. Despite huge odds stacked against them, ordinary people changed the course of history, ending a project that was arrogantly treated as a ‘done deal’ by establishment politicians and the corporate media.

The influence of Marxism within the campaign – through the leadership of the Socialist Party – is undeniable. Socialist Party’s efforts to inject the campaign with socialist ideas and methods were reflected in the tactics and strategy that were key to the campaign ultimately succeeding.

Over a series of weeks, SP will host an educational series based on Anthony Main’s recently released book “Beating the Big End of Town: How a Community Defeated the East West Toll Road”. By discussing the book, we will explain more deeply the link between Marxist ideas and the success of the campaign and draw out the key lessons which can and should be applied to other community campaigns in future.

The educational should interest all socialists, environmentalists, community campaigners and unionists looking to learn about what role Marxist ideas and methods can play in fighting the big business agenda in their lives and communities. To obtain a copy of the book before the educational series begins, contact the SP National Office on +61 (3) 9639 9111

Melbourne Conversations: Moving and Shaping Melbourne

Join a free public forum at Deakin Edge and learn how transport shapes the city, greases the economic wheels and influences community life.

This is the urban century. Around the world, people are moving to cities, drawn by jobs, culture, lifestyle, services, opportunity and everything else that a buzzing metropolis has to offer.

Melbourne is no exception. Yet, with growth comes challenges. How does the city avoid gridlock as more and more people move through the streets? Can we build an urban transport system that supports a dynamic economy and enhances the quality of public space?


  • Jennifer Cunich, Executive Director of the Victorian Division of the Property Council of Australia
  • Paul Donegan, Fellow, Cities Program, Grattan Institute
  • William McDougall, transport planner, engineer and economist
  • David Shelton, Executive Director, Strategy and Planning/Road Safety Coordinator, VicRoads
  • Professor John Stone, lecturer, Transport Planning in Urban Planning Program in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne.
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