Video: Flemington Road’s Lemon-scented Gum

Watch: The Lemon Scented Gum from algarhythm on Vimeo

This short 5 min video shows the chain sawing of the 94 year old Lemon scented gum on Flemington Rd Parkville in Victoria Australia, by VicRoads on June 25 2016, despite it’s heritage, environmental and community value. The tree is listed on the significant trees register maintained by National Trust of Victoria, has had a baby born underneath it in the 1980s and people have written love letters to it. I wanted to show the abundant bird life living in this tree (about half way through) and also document how a healthy tree specimen has been destroyed for extremely spurious reasons. In this era of climate change we should not be allowing trees to be cut down that don’t need to be.

Listen 1: Anna Lanigan speaks to Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle on talkback with Jon Faine, ABC 774, 6th July 2016


Listen 2: A song for Flemington Road’s much-loved Lemon-scented Gum – “Lemon Scented Sanity” by Mary Holdsworth & Patricia Mortensen from the CD “Heart Upon The Shore”

Get involved: join Guardians of the Flemington Road Gum on facebook: meet 7am this Saturday 9th July at the tree (120 Flemington Road, Parkville) for a public meeting

Posters and flyers you can print/distribute to show support for the Lemon-Scented Gum campaign

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Additional information

National Trust of Australia (Victoria) update: Flemington Road gum tree still standing, but for how long?

Petitioning VicRoads Our Lemon-scented Gum is worth saving