A Brush With the Law – An exhibition supporting the tunnel picket

At the Trophy Shop Project Space – 131 Plenty Road, Preston. Opening night – 6pm-8pm, Friday 15 August. Exhibitions runs 11am – 5pm, 15, 16, 17 August 2014.  More than 30 artists have donated work to this #TunnelPicket fundraiser exhibition Facebook event 

Royal Park sits majestically to the north of the CBD, the ‘Lungs of The City’, offering habitat to birdlife, open space for people to relax and room for dogs to run. Yet Royal Park is in real danger, an innocent victim of the State, on death row awaiting execution.

The historic streets of Collingwood and Clifton Hill are home to generations of residents, a mix of cultural backgrounds, students, the elderly and families. Many will be forced from their homes, some permanently and others having to endure years of invasive and disruptive construction.  Continue Reading…

East-west dig a ‘health hazard’

Victorian state government have now managed to offend even the ghosts of Burke and Wills. You’ve really gone and done it now.

The Age: East-west dig a ‘health hazard’ November 3, 2013. Farrah Tomazin

The health of residents and builders could be placed at risk during construction of the east-west link, with the state government’s own documents warning that contaminated soil, groundwater and asbestos may be dredged up as the controversial tunnel is built.

Independent experts have found a range of potential contamination sources, including asbestos at Royal Park, bacteria and viruses from the Melbourne General Cemetery, and dirty water from the former Fitzroy North Gasworks site, which could enter the tunnel construction area near Alexandra Parade.

The most significant danger is likely to be to “construction workers, human health, and the environment” as material is dug up and transported to make way for the Coalition’s $8 billion tunnel between Clifton Hill and Flemington, public reports on the project’s impact reveal.

“Contaminated soil and groundwater may pose a risk to construction and maintenance personnel, as well as being potentially aggressive to construction materials, generating vapour risks and creating storage issues,” says a report. Continue Reading…

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