Letters to the Editor: Ted, we need more trains

The reason for voter anger (Angry voters put Baillieu on notice Nov 26) is the failure of the State Government to provide efficient, extended public transport especially to the outer suburbs.

Community groups and local councils have been calling for heavy rail lines to Doncaster, Tullamarine Airport and Rowville for years. Ted appears increasingly deaf, however, to the people’s entreaties.

One reason why the Brumby Government lost the “sand belt” seats along the bay in the last election was that people blamed Labor for overcrowded, unreliable trains on the Frankston Line. One would have thought that the Premier and his Cabinet would have learned from this experience.

With unprecedented rapid population growth, the Victorian Government will never, ever catch up in providing the requisite infrastructure for the citizens of Melbourne.  Only new train services will move large numbers of the travelling public efficiently and so help reduce the congestion by cars now choking major traffic arteries.

Julianne Bell Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. Parkville – Herald Sun 27 November 2012