Unacceptable Public Transport Victoria (PTV): Rural Commuters face long wait

Buses no longer connect with trains - meaning extensive delays for commuters

BUNINYONG and Mount Helen residents relying on public transport to get to Melbourne have been left stranded following the latest bus and V/Line train timetable changes.

Passengers who catch the route 10 Buninyong bus service into Ballarat now have to wait 41 minutes for a train to Melbourne, more than 30 minutes longer than they used to.

The timetable changes, which came into effect on November 19, mean the early 6.46am service leaves Ballarat 17 minutes earlier than it used to.

Instead of the Buninyong bus arriving eight minutes before the train departing at 6.55am, it now arrives just minutes after the train leaves, and the next train is not for another another 41 minutes.

Regular commuter Glen, who asked not to have his last name published, said he and other passengers were frustrated by the new changes.

“It used to sync perfectly, it arrived a few minutes early, which was perfect in case of a bus delay,” he said.

“Now we have to wait for at least 40 minutes. People are pretty angry and it’s completely unacceptable.”

If Buninyong and Mount Helen commuters wish to catch the train that now leaves at 6.46am, they have to catch the 5.43am bus.

Glen said he knew of people that had even resorted to driving to Ballan to catch the train, which, in itself, was a 30 minute drive that was also costly in petrol.

A spokesperson for Public Transport Victoria, the body in charge of the bus timetables, said the situation was under review.


“PTV has been alerted to the Buninyong bus not connecting with the 6.46am V/Line train at Ballarat,” said the spokesperson.

“We are currently reviewing the timetable with a view to improving the connection as soon as possible.”

Pat Nolan, The Courier, Dec. 2, 2012