Losing our way on roads

Read the excellent article by  JASON DOWLING, published in THE AGE August 30, 2010

With the government planning spaghetti junctions down the length of Hoddle Street and Punt Road, and a New Freeway above Hiede Museum in Banyule, it is time to consider traffic calming as a better alternative.

The Hoddle Street Study has ruled out demand management to deal with Hoddle Street traffic (such as congestion charges or traffic calming). The Roads Minister won’t  allow the study to consider a train to Doncaster. Even including a public transport fare in the admission price for MCG events seems to be out of Vic Roads very limited scope.

Thirty years ago, voters stopped the extension of the Hume Freeway along the Merri Creek and Hoddle St to  St Kilda Junction by giving the Hamer Government a near death experience. A generation later, the message needs to be restated.