Friends of Banyule PUBLIC MEETING – Proposed North-East Link Freeway

Wednesday 6th October 2010

at The Centre, Ivanhoe

in The Great Hall

275 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe

7:15pm to 10:00pm

Come and hear informed discussion by prominent public speakers on the impact of a proposed freeway :

Rod Quantock Master of Ceremonies

Dr. Paul Mees Senior lecturer in transport planning, RMIT

Kenneth Davidson Senior correspondent, The Age

Darren Peters Spokesperson, Sth Morang & Mernda Rail Alliance

Marion Ware President, Friends of Banyule

How will you be affected by this planned freeway ?

Ø Question & Answer session with Dr.Paul Mees & Kenneth Davidson

Ø Learn about more cost effective and more sustainable options

Ø Support the Campaign against the proposed freeway through Banyule

email :, mobile: 0413 418 832

One thought on “Friends of Banyule PUBLIC MEETING – Proposed North-East Link Freeway”

  1. Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka says:

    I understand that the Greens propose a curfew on Rosanna Road whereas I propose to make Plenty Road – Williams Road (to pick up the freeway near Doncaster) a designated truck route and ban all heavy traffic, other then local deliveries, from Rosanna Road. (On Thursday 11 November 2010) while trying to talk to residents residing at Rosanna Road we were constantly drowned out by the noise of trucks passing by. A curfew of trucks will more then likely result in heavy traffic then even more making Rosanna a bottle neck as then more heavy transport wants to move through during the day.
    We should therefore ban all heavy traffic, other then local deliveries, and use GPS for heavy trucks to be able to trace violations by heavy transport operators and fine the companies concerned so that they cannot force drivers to disregard the ban.
    Also, the duplication of the Hurstbridge line can only succeed if there will be sufficient parking facilities because many will rather drive then to risk parking fines, a major problem at most stations. We need to have a person like Dr. Paul Mees to do a comprehensive consultation program involving local residents rather then politicians making decisions for the sake of getting re-elected. We should give local residents a veto power over what roadwork can or cannot be put through. And all future residential development must be on basis of public transport facilities being integrated.
    All roads should be graded for capacity of transport and heavy traffic be prohibited to use local roads that are not suitable for it as after all ratepayers are ending up paying for road repairs that otherwise can be avoided.
    Ad hoc decisions such as inquiries, etc, will not do as we need a person like Dr Paul Mees to address it comprehensively rather then politically based decisions.
    Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka
    INDEPENDENT candidate for the seat of IVANHOE.

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