Westerfield Picket line holds back the bulldozers for another day.

Imagine standing up to these?

Citizens on the Westerfield Picket have saved this piece of heritage bushland for another day. But the Government and road builders are not about to go away.

Destruction of this heritage place has been sanctioned by Heritage Victoria, an organisation that says it “identifies, protects and interprets Victoria’s most significant cultural heritage resources.”, but in reality is a rubber stamp for the Minister for Planning and his cronies. This disgraceful act is a low point in Melbourne’s inability to protect its heritage.

While bombarding the electorate with public transport advertisements, taxes are being spent on more wasteful freeways through heritage bush in what used to be protected green wedges.

Westerfield Picketline

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It was a long day today – but what a day!  About 60 protestors came to our community picket today and stopped the bulldozers.  We owe you such a great debt of gratitude.  As Shakespeare’s Richard V said in a very loose modern translation – you should have been there!

I am in awe of the courage shown by our faithful band, and by the exceptional work and support shown by the two CFMEU organisers who came to help.  Thanks to them and some great mediation by the Frankston Police, we have a short reprieve until 7:00am Thursday morning.  Between now and then the Pines Protectors under the auspices of the Frankston North Community Group, Inc. will be filing a case with VCAT to stop the contractor until offsets required by the Native Vegetation Framework are secured.  We will also continue to work with the CFMEU and the contractor to get more time.

If we can’t stop the contractor from continuing, the bush will be destroyed on Thursday.  We saw enough raw power in their three PC300 excavators and a bulldozer today to destroy Westerfield’s in a day – a terrifying thought.  Some of us will still be there trying to stop them on Thursday.  We would welcome your companionship and participation as we face this real life terror.

Gillian Collins
Pines Protectors