Media Release: Baillieu Government should rule out tolling existing roads (to help fund the East West Tunnel)

This media release from Kelvin Thomson deplores tolling free roads to pay for the East West Tunnel which is laudable.  But note he does not appear to oppose the East West Tunnel and/or toll road in favour of Doncaster Rail.

We now need clear, public and decisive positions from our elected representatives – we are entitled to demand that!

Your comments are valuable and welcomed.

cheers freda (Ycat)

Media Release: Kelvin Thomson MP, Federal Member for Wills, 4 July 2012

It would be outrageous for the Baillieu Government to introduce tolls on existing free roads such as the Eastern Freeway, the West Gate Bridge, or the freeway off ramps to Hoddle Street, to pay for the East West Tunnel.

Concern that the State Government intends to toll existing free roads has arisen following the Government’s refusal to release 27 documents that “relate to the potential introduction of new tolling regimes on new or existing roads in Melbourne” on the grounds that they were internal working documents or commercial in confidence.

This secrecy will only fuel public concern that the Government is indeed considering tolls on existing roads to help fund the East West Tunnel. The Kennett Government did this on the Tullamarine Freeway when it built City Link.

It was completely improper and meant that motorists were worse off, rather than better off, as a result of the new road. We do not want to see a repeat of that.

What the Baillieu Government should do is now rule out any tolls on roads which have already been constructed with taxpayer funds.