Media: Rowville Rail Feasibility Study Released

On Tuesday 5 March the Premier and Minister for Public Transport announced the release of the Rowville Rail Study Stage 1 Final Report. The final report is a culmination of a series of investigations by the Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM) study team and provides the most comprehensive analysis ever undertaken into building a rail line to Rowville.

The final report identifies a number of challenges on the existing network which would need to be addressed to accommodate a future rail line to Rowville, particularly upgrades to the Dandenong rail corridor and the proposed Melbourne Metro project.

The report also highlights that there is a need to improve public transport access to Monash University Clayton campus and the surrounding employment precinct. It recognises that measures should be developed to continue improving public transport in the area in the interim period leading up to completion of the Rowville rail line.

Project description

Timeframe: Stage 1 – 2011-2012 | Stage 2 – 2013
Cost: $2 million feasibility study (includes Stage 1 and 2)

Stage 1 of the Rowville rail study was an independent investigation which commenced in May 2011 and investigated the feasibility of building a 12km heavy rail line along the median of Wellington Road from Huntingdale Station to the vicinity of Stud Park in Rowville…

The Victorian Government recognises the importance of building a high capacity heavy rail link to Rowville to help better serve Monash University and the communities in Melbourne’s east. Planning for a new line to Rowville will continue as part of Stage 2 in 2013.

Stage 2 will examine interim improvements for the bus interchange and services between Huntingdale and Monash University. It will also undertake further investigations to confirm the future alignment and plans for overcoming the constraints identified on the Dandenong corridor.

The Final Stage 1 Report is available on the Study Team’s website at

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